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November 3 Thursday, 2011
Opening Ceremony

Opening Remarks

Jin Soo Lee (President of ICCC4)

Welcome Address

Simon Sutcliffe (President of ICCCA)

Congratulatory Remarks

Chemin Rim (Minister, Ministry of Health & Welfare, Republic of Korea)

Keynote Speech: UN High Level Meeting on NCDs what is in it for cancer control
Andreas Ullrich (WHO Headquarter)
Renée Otter on behalf of Andrea Micheli (ICCC3)

Challenges & Opportunities After ICCC

Simon Sutcliffe on behalf of Luiz Antonio Santini (President of ICCCA)

Welcome to the Congress

Asia-Pacific Regional Reports on Cancer Control
Cancer in the North-Western and Central region of Asia
Alireza Mosavi-Jarrahi, Iran
South Asia Regional Report on Cancer Registration and Control
Rajaraman Swaminathan, India
Cancer Control in South-East Asia
Hutcha Sriplung, Thailand
Cancer Control in North-East Asia
Wanqing Chen, China
Current and Future Challenges in Cancer Epidemiology and Control in the Arab World
Elsayed Salim, Egypt
Cancer Control Programs ??Rest of the World
  Malcolm Moore, Thailand
Session 1: Risk Factors for Prevention of Cancer and NCDs
  13:30-15:00 Plenary Session


Causes and prevention of cancer: The big picture


Geoffrey Cannon
Jon Kerner
Fabio Gomes
Session 1: Workshop
Workshop 1-1
The Global Adult Tobacco Survey: Social Determinants of Tobacco Use in High Burden and Low- and Middle-Income Countries
WS1-1-01 The Global Adult Tobacco Survey: Social Determinants of Tobacco Use in High Burden and Low- and Middle-Income Countries
  William Parra
WS1-1-02 Global Adult Tobacco Survey (GATS) Partnerships in Action
  Jeremy Morton
WS1-1-03 Relevance of the Global Adult Tobacco Survey to Tobacco Control Policies Based on WHO FCTC & MPOWER
  James Rarick
WS1-1-04 Epidemic in China and Pointers towards Control through the Global Adult Tobacco Survey
  James Rarick
WS1-1-05 Tracking tobacco control policy actions in Thailand through findings from the Global Adult Tobacco Survey
  Sarunya Benjakul
Workshop 1-2
Diet, Alcohol drinking and Physical Activity: Risk Factors for Cancer and NCDs
WS1-2-01 Stepwise model to study folate and pancreatic cancer in the international study setting
  Jin Young Park
WS1-2-02 Psychosocial factors related to self-perception on diet quality among South Korean adults
  Su Yeon Kye
WS1-2-03 Diet, Alcohol Drinking and Physical Activity: Risk Factors for NCDs
  Jeongseon Kim
WS1-2-04 Policy and Action for Cancer Prevention
  Elisabete Weiderpass
Workshop 1-3
Infections: Risk Factors for Cancer and NCDs
WS1-3-L Infectious Disease-Associated Cancers Workshop
  Malcolm Moore
  Shang-ying Hu
WS1-3-02 The association between serum interleukin 6 levels and Helicobacter pylori antibody levels among Japanese outpatients
  Hiroko Nakagawa
WS1-3-03 Prevalence of Pre - malignant Lesions & High Grade HPV Infection among Rural Women living in Low and High Arsenic areas of West Bengal
  Soma Roy Chowdhury
Workshop 1-4
Public Policies and Actions to Prevent Cancer
WS1-4-01 Big Snack Follows, Big Tobacco Steps to Cheat On You
  Fabio Gomes