Josep Maria Borras
Institut Català d’Oncologia
Barcelona, Spain

Geoffrey Cannon
World Cancer Research Fund
Juiz de Fora, Brazil

Eduardo Cazap
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Frances Prescilla Cuevas
Department of Health
Degenerative Disease Office
National Centre for Disease Prevention & Control
Manila, Philippines

Kimberley Elmslie
Director General, Public
Health Agency of Canada
Ottawa, Canada

Mark Elwood
BC Cancer Agency
Family and Community Oncology
Vancouver, Canada

Margaret Fitch
International Society of
Nurses in Cancer Care
Toronto, Canada

Jon Kerner
Canadian Partnership Against Cancer
Toronto, Canada

Jin Soo Lee
President, National Cancer Center
Goyang, Republic of Korea

Silvana Luciani
Pan American Health Organization
Washington DC, USA

Andrea Micheli
Fondazione IRCCS
"Istituto Nazionale dei Tumori"
Milan, Italy

Malcolm Moore
National Cancer Institute Thailand
Bangkok, Thailand

Eun Cheol Park
National Cancer Control Research
Goyang, Republic of Korea

Sohee Park
Head, Division of Cancer Registration and Surveillance, National Cancer Center
Goyang, Republic of Korea

Alojz Peterle
Member, European Parliament
Bâtiment Altiero Spinelli
Bruxelles, Belgium

Matti Rautalahti
Chief Medical Officer,
Cancer Society of Finland
Helsinki, Finland

Massoud Samiei
International Atomic Energy Agency
Vienna, Austria

Luiz Antonio Santini
Instituto Nacional de Câncer
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Kavita Sarwal
Vancouver, Canada

Hai-Rim Shin
Team Leader, Non Communicable Diseases and Health Promotion,
WHO Western Pacific Regional Office

Bhakta Man Shrestha
Executive Director,
Senior Consultant Surgical Oncologist, BPKoirala Memorial Cancer Hospital
Chitwan, Nepal

Simon Sutcliffe
President, ICCC Association &
Chair, Canadian Partnership Against Cancer
Vancouver, Canada

Kazuo Tajima
Secretary General, Asian Pacific Federation of Organizations for Cancer Control (APFOCC) and APCC

Edward Trapido
International Prevention Research Institute
Stanley C. Scott Cancer Center
New Orleans, USA

Andreas Ullrich
World Health Organization
Geneva, Switzerland

Keun-Young Yoo
Secretary General, APOCP
Republic of Korea

Ping Zhao
Director, Cancer Institute & Hospital, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences & Peking Union Medical College

Helen Zorbas
CEO, National Breast & Ovarian Cancer Coalition
CEO, Cancer Australia
Dickson, Australia

Committee Supported by:    

Catherine Sutcliffe
Bloomberg School of Public Health
John Hopkins University
Baltimore, MD, USA

Helen Torrance
Surrey, Canada