International Collaborations | 8 - 11 November, 2009 / Cernobbio, Como, Italy

Welcome Message


On behalf of the Italian Ministry of Work, Health and Welfare, as the scientific director of Istituto Nazionale dei Tumori, Milan, it is my privilege and pleasure to extend an invitation to all interested in cancer control to participate in the 3rd International Cancer Control Congress to be held in Cernobbio, near Como, Italy, November 8 to 11, 2009.

Cancer is increasingly recognised as a major public health problem on the global scale and this Congress will be particularly concerned with fostering collaboration, between nations and between continents, to meet this challenge.

The 3rd ICCC will be a great opportunity for governmental and non-governmental cancer control officials; for physicians, researchers and health professionals; and also for patients, advocates, volunteers and others interested in cancer control, from all over the world, to get together and exchange views on how to deal with cancer.

I sincerely hope I’ll have the pleasure of seeing you here, in the beautiful village of Cernobbio, on the shores of Lake Como, in November.

Pierotti sig
Dr. Marco A. Pierotti
Chair, 3rd International Cancer Control Congress
President of OECI
Scientific Director
Fondazione IRCCS "Istituto Nazionale dei Tumori"


MicheliItaly is hosting the event as a European Member State. Through the event, European Union delegates will work to establish an effective and sustainable cancer control policy across Europe and at the same time promote collaboration between Europe and other countries, in particular the African Union. Europe can offer its experience to low-to-medium income nations, particularly as regards public health-oriented projects in primary prevention, early diagnosis and cure. However, Europe is facing its own problems in cancer control, including inequalities of access in relation to social and economic differences, and the 3rd International Cancer Control Congress will be an important occasion for Europeans to learn from experience in other parts of the world. It is my great privilege to invite the Europeans and all interested in cancer across the world to be with us in Cernobbio in November in this exceptional worldwide cancer control forum.

Dr. Andrea Micheli
Co-chair, coordinator, 3rd International Cancer Control Congress
Leader of  the European Commission EUROCHIP project
Director, Descriptive Epidemiology and Health Planning
Fondazione IRCCS "Istituto Nazionale dei Tumori"



We are glad to invite you to this extraordinary global event, and we are proud to host it here in Italy, thanks to the generous support from the “Regione Lombardia” and the Italian Ministry of Work, Health and Welfare.

Fondazione IRCCS Istituto Nazionale Dei Tumori, Milano


Dr. Alberto Scanni, General Director
Pierotti sig

Dr. Marco A. Pierotti, Scientific Director



Sutcliffe ImageIt is with great pleasure that I invite your participation in the 3rd International Cancer Control Congress to be held in Cernobbio, Italy from November 8 – 11, 2009.

The Cernobbio Congress follows on from those held in Vancouver (2005) and Rio de Janeiro (2007), and further elaborates the theme of “International Collaboration between ‘high income’ and ‘low/middle income’ countries to achieve population-based cancer control”.  This theme takes the premise that the principles of population-based cancer control are common to all peoples and all nations – the reality, however, is that the content and implementation of cancer control plans is very much dependent upon context, resources and ‘readiness’.  Given that countries are at differing levels of engagement and preparedness to implement cancer control strategies, the purpose of the Congress is to foster ‘global collaboration’ and to seek a common forum to learn, share and, problem solve through harnessing collective wisdom from diverse cultural and contextual settings.

The Congress hopes to engage and equip those who can be the leaders for cancer control within their communities and populations, recognizing that leadership is not defined by rank, profession, discipline of authority, but by the ability to inspire ‘followership’ through presenting both a vision and directions to attain both the desirable and the possible.

I look forward to seeing you in Cernobbio, and to our collective goals of the realization of population-based cancer control within our jurisdictions.

Dr. Simon B. Sutcliffe
Chair, International Steering Committee
Chair, Canadian Partnership Against Cancer
Past President, BC Cancer Agency