2nd International Cancer Control Congress


Message from the Chair

On behalf of the National Cancer Institute (INCA), it is my privilege to invite you to participate in the 2nd International Cancer Control Congress to be held in Rio de Janeiro, from November 25 to 28, 2007. This Congress will follow the one held in Vancouver, Canada in 2005.

During this period INCA will be celebrating its 70th anniversary as the most prestigious Brazilian public institution in the fight against cancer. Rio will be the international capital of oncology, welcoming hundreds of stakeholders, from clinical professionals through "survivors" to governments, business and industry.

These last years have seen astonishing developments in numerous important fields in cancer control and research. The Scientific Committee will meet the challenge by preparing a comprehensive program, including many scientific and technical aspects related to cancer, its cause, treatment and control as well as its importance as a population health issue. 

This Congress appears as an opportunity to focus on cancer care as a public health problem and simultaneously evaluate its social, economic and financial impact. Also, a review of accomplishments and setbacks in the fight against cancer will be included for debate and the design of solutions.

I eagerly look forward to enjoying the 2nd ICCC together with all the participants and sincerely hope to see you in Rio in November 2007.

Dr. Luis Antonio Santini


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Dr. Luis Antonio Santini
Chair, 2nd International Cancer Control Congress
Director-General, National Cancer Institute of Brazil

Message from the Chair, International Steering Committee

As Chair of the International Steering Committee, it is my honour and pleasure to invite you to participate in the 2nd International Cancer Control Congress in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in November 2007.

The Second Congress continues the intent to share information and knowledge about enhancing control outcomes at a large population level through an active and evolving global community of practice.  The forum is designed for listening, sharing, teaching, and learning as equal participants, attempting to redress the inequities and barriers that impede the use of best practices to control cancer.  This activity requires engagement of all sectors of the population – governments, NGOs, professionals, patients, and public – and is enabled through cross-sectoral, interdisciplinary and international knowledge sharing within our global community.

Our purpose is to foster “global collaboration” – bringing together the world’s most informed and receptive minds to work towards solutions that work – across different cultures, geographic, and resource settings – to achieve our most effective level of population-based cancer control.  We will try to achieve this through an interactive forum comprising plenary sessions, concurrent workshops, oral and poster presentation, and satellite synopsis.

I look forward to seeing you in Brazil to continue our sharing of information as we learn collaboratively from each other.  The challenges are substantial, the successes incremental – the potential gains up to us.


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Simon B. Sutcliffe, MD, FRCP, FRCPC, FRCR

Chair, International Steering Committee
Vice Chair, Canadian Strategy for Cancer Control
President, BC Cancer Agency


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